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Korkma Ben Yanindayim

Korkma Ben Yanindayim – Inci, a loved scholarship student at Ulusozler College, gets pregnant by her classmate Mert, the son of the school’s owner. This changes both their lives and dreams. Their families are also deeply affected, Inci’s mom, Seher, works as a janitor at the school. She and Selahattin, Inci’s stepdad, have worked hard for their kids, hoping Inci would become a doctor, Turgut, who runs the school, has a tough marriage with Aylin. She stays for their kids, ready to do anything for them.

This is, Korkma Ben Yanindayim (Don’t Worry, I’m With You).

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Serial: Korkma Ben Yanindayim

Title in English: Don't Worry, I'm With You

Genre: Drama

Actors: ,

Duration: 112 minutes

Quality: FULL HD


Status: Completed