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Sandik Kokusu

Sandik Kokusu – Karsu, trapped in an unhappy and abusive marriage with her husband Reha, struggles as a mother. Overwhelmed after the birth of their third child, she sends her three-year-old son, Kuzey, to Istanbul to stay with her mother, Filiz. Tragically, Kuzey goes missing during the journey. Three years later, Karsu unexpectedly finds Kuzey, now known as Deniz, in Mersin. However, he does not recognize her. Faced with this heartbreaking situation, Karsu must navigate the complexities of reuniting with her son while coping with her difficult family life.

This is, Sandik Kokusu (Chest Smell).

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Serial: Sandik Kokusu

Title in English: Chest Smell

Genre: Drama

Actors: , ,

Duration: 116 minutes

Quality: FULL HD


Status: Active