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Yaban Cicekleri

Yaban Cicekleri – Unfolds the entwined fates of Ela and Kilic, born into prominent families yet silently in love. After diverging paths post-university, with Ela becoming a lawyer in Istanbul and Kilic focusing on hometown improvements, a twist of fate brings Ela back when her father dies under mysterious circumstances. Amidst uncovering her father’s secrets and facing conflicting interests over land development, Ela and Kılıç navigate their unresolved feelings, rival affections from Behice and Gokhan, and the quest to honor her father’s legacy. Together, they confront challenges to both their love and their community’s future.

This is, Yaban Cicekleri (Wild Flowers).

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Serial: Yaban Cicekleri

Title in English: Wild Flowers

Genre: DramaRomance

Actors: ,

Duration: 104 minutes

Quality: FULL HD


Status: Completed