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Ruzgarli Tepe

Ruzgarli Tepe – Zeynep is the epitome of grace and intelligence, admired by all. Yet, she harbors a hidden warrior spirit. Halil, orphaned young and burdened by grief, has faced life’s hardships head-on. Their paths intertwine – Zeynep, a free spirit beneath her poised exterior, and Halil, devoted to family. Drawn together in a whirlwind of love, they find their fates inextricably linked. As they navigate a path fraught with choices and consequences, the question remains: can their love endure the challenges they face?

This is, Ruzgarli Tepe (Windy Hill, Winds Of Love).

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Serial: Ruzgarli Tepe

Title in English: Windy Hill

Genre: Drama

Duration: 106 minutes

Quality: FULL HD


Status: Active